16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Trust

    1. It’s taken Eris a number of years to become so cozy with me. She grew up and had a litter of kittens as a semi-feral. Then I came along, kidnapped her babies, used one as lure to trap her, then had someone remove her kitten making parts. It’s a wonder she hasn’t murdered me in my sleep!


  1. Reading all the comments… very sweet! It’s so nice when they start to trust you! Rita is not much of a snuggler but just last night she came over and laid with her head in my lap. I had to have the hubs snap some pics! And I was totally uncomfortable – but no way was I going to move!


  2. Trust: This is a BIG topic in our house with our animals. Our dog Shermie doesn’t always trust our senior dog as the senior rules the household. So we have to encourage trust by pack walks and positive reinforcement. In Shermie’s defense, Bruiser is older and grumpy. BUT trust is what helps with the overall balance. Good topic.


  3. None of the cats generally trust the dogs, at least not enough to get close, and Marsha doesn’t trust Hershey that much at all. Something to work on will all of them!


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