March wasn’t what I’d hoped or expected, either in blogging or in real life.  March, quite frankly, sucked.


The first problem with March was a carryover problem from February, Hershey and her damned dewclaw.  The cut she’d inflicted on her left paw by punching through my front window had been in a place where it could be stapled.  It had healed up beautifully; I’m not even sure where it was now.  The cut on her right paw had been in the space between her dewclaw and the rest of the paw.  It was in a tricky area, basically impossible to stitch or staple so the vet left it to heal on its own.  It had other ideas.

It was almost healed and then was opened up.  It almost healed from that and opened up again.  It almost healed from that and then it ripped Marsha’s ear open.

Let me explain:

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Hershey vs Window

I came home a few Fridays ago thinking I would have a nice relaxing weekend.  That wasn’t what I got.

The first indication something was off: Hershey’s celebratory barking was much louder than usual.  I thought she was just extra excited for me to be home…  Then I got to the front door.

It became immediately apparent WHY her barking was so much louder and I had a pretty good idea from past experience what had happened.  If any of the CSI series are to be believed,  all the glass on the outside indicated the force breaking the glass must have come from the inside.

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Hershey vs Window