img_5103Common Name:  Perch

Full Name:  Percheron

Needlessly Complex Name Backstory:  Percheron is named after a breed of horse because his father is named “Horse.”  Horse is named Horse because he grew to be the size of a horse and eats like a horse.  Perch has pretty much followed in his father’s paw prints, being the largest and most gluttonous cat in the family.

Nicknames:  Perchy.

Gotcha Date:  April-ish 2000

Gotcha Method:  Being born in my entryway closet.

Breed:  Cat

Distinguishing Features:  The grayest cat in the house, the second stripiest cat in the house, the bitey-est cat in the house, being Morph’s actual biological brother.

Favorite Activities:  Eating, sleeping, being friendly then biting you, perching on things, running into the bathroom every damn time the door is open, yowling when he gets locked in the bathroom because I didn’t notice that he’d run in.

Known Issues:  Perch has been known to take the occasional jaunt out the front or back door.  This leads to confusion, immobility, and being hauled back inside.

Unknown Issues:  Perch might be an ‘outside the box’ thinker like his brother.

Known Joys:  Perching on things from boxes to shoulders, trying to eat your hair while on your shoulder, a nice warm fire, a nice warm lap, biting the owner of the nice warm lap.