Common Name:  Marsha

Full Name:  Marsha(mellow)  That last part is aspirational; Marsha is by no means mellow.

Nicknames:  Marsha Mae, Mesha, Shawarma*, Lovey, Circle Dog, Doglet (when harnessed with Graham.)

Gotcha Date:  Uncertain.  It wasn’t so much an event as a process.  2014-2015.

Gotcha Method:  Stealth fostering.

Breed:  Something mutty in the 20 lb. range.

Distinguishing Characteristics:  White chest, white frosted toes, being outnumbered by the brown dogs.

Favorite Activities:  Eating, licking, playing with Graham, licking, sleeping, licking, hogging attention, licking, sleeping under the covers, licking, going to the dog park, licking, eating again, licking.

Favorite Things to Lick:  Faces, ears, eyes, glasses, cheeks, fingers, toes, cats (this sometimes does not end too well for her).

Known Issues:  Not exactly besties with Hershey, who’s rough and tumble play intimidates her.  She tries to police Hershey’s more exuberant behavior, which doesn’t end well for her sometimes, as a few scars will attest to.

*an anagram of “Aw, Marsha.”