Common Name: Eris

Full Name: Eris

Needlessly Complex Name Backstory:  2nd in my line of mama cats named after mythological figures.  She gets her name from the blood thirsty Greek goddess of strife and discord, though I learned of the deity in her more mischievous form as described in the Principia Discordia.  Eris earned her name, having, as a semi-feral, a litter of kittens on the other side of the fence, which drove Hershey mildly insane.  Now a (reasonably) contented house cat she still manages to cause trouble.

Nickname:  Kiggy (like ‘kitty’ but with ‘g’ for some reason).

Gotcha Date: Uncertain. Some time in 2013

Gotcha Method:  Kitten-napping and then using one kitten as a lure for a live trap.

Breed:  Cat

Distinguishing Features:  Being a sort of brindle calico, being the only female cat in the house, not liking to be picked up that much.

Favorite Activities:  Sleeping, eating, meowing for attention, not being able to handle attention given after meowing, being difficult to get her where I need her to go, gingerly and carefully, with all the intent of a bomb disposal expert settling down in my lap when she cares to.

Known Issues:  Being much less trusting than the rest of the cats.

Resolved Issues:  After escaping the house once and spending a week huddling under either the car or the house and finally being lured back inside, she has shown only a slight inclination to escape again.

Known Joys:  Sidling up to people in her own time and MAYBE snuggling with them if the stars are aligned correctly and she feels like it.