(From Right to Left) Savannah ape with typing skills; Superior, thumbless species.

 Common Name:  Erik

Full Name:  Erik Glenn Nodacker

Nicknames:  None.  My mom hated nicknames and made sure I never acquired one as a child.

Gotcha Day: November 22

Gotcha Method:  The usual way.

Breed:  Scandio-Germanic Euro-Mutt  (Danish/German and what have you)

Distinguishing Features:  Bald “By Choice,” Goateed By Necessity, Left-handed.

Favorite Activities:  Reading books, playing Fallout 4, petting my animals specifically, petting (non-poisonous) animals in general, thinking about Fallout 4, Doing dog things, Fallout 4.

Known Issues:  Better fed than I should be, Less confident than I’d like to be, Undermotivated.

Resolved Issues:  Found out that hating crowds is called “introversion” and that it’s a feature not a bug.

Unknown Issues: Unknown.