IMG_0232_2Common Name:  Hershey

Full Name:  Hershey Louise (Only used when I’m upset)

Nicknames:  Puppa, Hershey Belle, Love

Gotcha Date: April 14, 2009 (Approx. 6mo. of age)

Gotcha Method:  Shelter adoption event at pet store.

Breed:  Labrabull (Lab/Pit Mix)

Distinguishing Features:  White toes, white chest with small brown spot.

Favorite Activities:  Walks (on a harness), pulls (collar only), going to the dog park, eating, chewing, going to the river, going to the beach, rough and tumble play, bitey face, digging massive dens.

Favorite Chew Items:  dog beds, pillows, covers, socks.

Favorite Legitimate Chew Items: Toys with stuffing (which are rapidly unstuffed), Toys with squeakers (rapidly desqueaked), rope toys (the only ones which survive more than a few days.)

Known Issues:  Unknown men, known men who act unexpectedly or are holding something unusual, a too keen interest in cats met on walks, reactivity towards other dogs while on leash.

Resolved Issues:  Abject terror at anything stick-like, but especially brooms being held by anyone.  It took about two years of praise, love, treats and incredible bravery on her part to get to where I can sweep the house while she dozes on the couch.

Known Joys:  Seeing friends, Hearing me come home, going for a drive.