Throwback Thursday: The Mighty Bell

The Mighty Bell first appeared on January 6th, 2016.  It was the second entry on my newly minted blog!  It is reproduced here with some updates and additions by kind permission of the author, who, being me, was very gracious of myself.

About a year into living with Hershey I started losing sleep. Not due to worry, or stress, but to the application of a large, wet nose to the soles of my feet.

Hershey had, using her powers of observation, noticed two things:

1) As the only human in the house, I was responsible for feeding her.

2)  I usually fed her shortly after waking up. 

Using perfectly sound dog logic she came to the following conclusion:

If I was awake earlier, she would eat earlier. 

Thus began Operation Enduring Moistness.

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Throwback Thursday: The Mighty Bell