Caturday: Percheron Perching On

I had some Christmas gift returns to make, and had them boxed and ready to go.  Perch, who is nothing if not a crass stereotype, decided to get in on the “if it fits, i sits” meme, and live up to his name in the process.

I didn’t name him Percheron because of his habit of perching on things, that was just a happy coincidence, though a number of people’s shoulders over the years might argue otherwise.  I named him after the breed of horse because his father was (and actually still is) named Horse, and because it seems I have to have a naming theme for my animals, with the added complication that the cats’ names all have overly complex back stories.  Having said that, Perch’s is actually the least complicated.

Anyway, please enjoy this picture of Perchy perching, and have a wonderful Caturday!

Caturday: Percheron Perching On

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