The Worry List

I’m sure anyone with pets or children have one.  Probably not written down but somewhere in the back of our minds it’s lurking there, The Worry List:  who of our companions to be concerned about the most and why.  It will change over time and as circumstances change.  Here is my most updated:

  1.  Flick.  He seems to be feeling better but still spending most of his time asleep (shocking for a cat I know).  I haven’t heard any test results and he’s due for a recheck on Tuesday.  Much of the worry is the waiting, as well as the fact I haven’t had very good luck with animals who get drastically ill.
  2. Hershey.  Has been licking/nibbling at the base of her tail so much that the fur is matted.  I’ve flea treated her and will keep an eye out for further licking.  If it keeps up we’ll go to the cone of shame, and maybe the vet.
  3. Graham.  Skipped breakfast and had the runs on Sunday.  Seems fine now.  His stomach has always been a little delicate.
  4. Morph.  Is he getting a bit skinny?  It’s hard to tell.
  5. Marsha.  She’s also itchy.  Also flea treated.
  6. Perch has a small fatty lump that hasn’t changed in a couple of years.
  7. Eris is fine.

I’ve other worries, but those are all the pet related ones.  Anyone have any of their own they’d like to share?

The Worry List

2 thoughts on “The Worry List

  1. Maggie says:

    I’m not sure this comment box is big enough to sufficiently list all my worries. On the top right now is Emmett’s advancing arthritis. He’s on an nsaid as part of his chemo protocol, so I’m worried there’s not much else we can do to relieve the pain. His Purdue day is next week, so we shall see!

    Fingers crossed for unremarkable results tomorrow!

    (Have you ever tried coconut oil for the itchiness?)


    1. Haven’t tried coconut oil, I may though if the itchiness continues. I’m not sure what to hope for, unremarkable results, or an actual answer … I hope you get some answers for Emmett!


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