I’m a Big Boy Blogger!

This is the start of month 5 of my dipping a toe into the blogging world (and really I’ve got to be hip deep by now at least!) so I thought I’d dive in and make the commitment.  What does this mean?  Well, I’ve signed up for a year of Premium Plan on WordPress!  What does that mean for you my thousands, millions, dozens of daily readers?  Almost absolutely nothing, except you can now find me at smoredogs.com, instead of smoredogs.word press.com.  What does it mean for me?  Well, aside from being able to store even more pictures of my adorable and annoying (addoying?) critters and being able to customize the blog’s look (a terrifying prospect) I’m not entirely sure!  I’ll have to fiddle around with it and find out.

In other blog site news I added a page in the menu about S’mores for any international readers who are unfamiliar with American diabetes enhancers desserts, and so missing the joke behind my dogs’ and the blog’s name.

I’m a Big Boy Blogger!

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