Teeth Cleaning Recovery

When I got Hershey during an adoption day at Petsmart the adoption package came with a free exam from their in-house veterinary partner Banfield.  After the exam I signed Hershey up with a wellness plan.  As she got older the wellness plan has changed to include things like teeth cleanings.  I find it very convenient as the price of a cleaning is part of the monthly price so I don’t have to budget for it as an out of pocket expense, and I’m all about not budgeting!

Hershey however finds it LESS than convenient…

First off, she couldn’t have breakfast, and I had to take her in early on Saturday so she missed an all important trip to the dog park!  Then she was stuck at the vet’s all day.  When she did come home her teeth were sore, so dinner wasn’t that much fun (although she did get canned food instead of kibble to make up for it!)  Lastly, after all that, she’s usually woozy and unfocused for the rest of the day and much of the next.

“This is how you sit up, right…?”

The hassle is well worth it though as her teeth are spotless,

periodontal disease  is kept at bay (warning:  NASTY picture at the other end of that link!)

and a guilty feeling guardian just happened to swing by McDonald’s after picking her up…

Her teeth weren’t too sore to enjoy McNuggets or fries!

Full disclosure:  Graham was stuck at the vet’s all day too, but since the most traumatic thing that happened to him was a nail trimming I didn’t feel he warranted a full blog post! He did however get his share of the McNuggets.

Teeth Cleaning Recovery

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