I was out back a few mornings ago, setting up a line to air dry my clothes.  The San Joaquin Valley’s 90+ degrees, low humidity summer days are perfect for just such an activity.  Plus my dryer is on the fritz.  While I was doing that I noticed Hershey’s intense interest in something on top of the “neighbor’s” back yard shack*.

When I say “intense interest” I’m not kidding around!  Observe:

I think it’s pretty obvious that Hershey knows where her kibble is buttered because she could undoubtedly jump the fence any time she wanted to!

The object of her desire (as you may have guessed from the title) was an opossum.  In the still picture above she is staring directly where it has squeezed itself in to a nook where the roof of the lean-to and the eave of the shack meet.

“Go away or I’ll ‘die’ at you!”

As you can see it wasn’t the happiest of marsupials at that moment.  I got Hershey back inside and kept her there until the possum was brave enough to scuttle off to where ever possums go when they’re not be harried by dogs.

This is Hershey’s fourth run in with an opossum, the first three were fatal. Well, two of those were “fatal” and may have even been the same critter!  Her run-ins with backyard wildlife have been limited: just opossums and squirrels (she takes no interest in birds.)  I did smell a skunk in the neighborhood the other day and dearly hope it never comes calling!!

*This is the same neglectful abode where both Marsha and Eris originally hailed from.


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