BlogPaws 2016: Days Two & Three

The main thing to know about BlogPaws wasn’t really the workshops I went to or the speakers I heard. The real story is that Marsha rocked it!

For a dog who’s fate was supposed to be to guard an empty house she handled the conference better than I could have hoped.  The first day really was the first day she knew there were so many other people and other critters in the world.

Unlike Graham, who’s reactions to the world are first and foremost ruled by fear and aggression, Marsha’s take on life is one of cautious optimism.  She’s unsure at first, about a new person, new dog, or new balloon animal, but on repeat meetings she much more enthusiastic.

You thought I was kidding, didn’t you?

So the fact I hung out with Maggie Marton of Oh My Dog Blog, Carrie Noar of Tales and Tails, and Elizabeth Keene of Chronicles of Cardigan all weekend isn’t nearly as important as the fact that Marsha became fast friends with them by the second time they met!


The fact that we met and chatted with many fellow bloggers isn’t as important as Marsha having an absolute blast playing with a tiny, confident chihuahua, the two of them skittering about the hall in a way I’ve never seen her do before!

That we saw all sorts of new and interesting products at the exhibit hall, while interesting, isn’t as important as the fact that with all these new (and sometimes strange) experiences Marsha handled herself with aplomb!

So we both got a lot out of this trip, and I learned a lot.  Not just from the presenters but from my little black mutt who everyone thought was so cute and who did so much better than I dared to hope!

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BlogPaws 2016: Days Two & Three

6 thoughts on “BlogPaws 2016: Days Two & Three

  1. That’s great! Unfortunately Rita is more of a “fear/aggression” girl so I could probably never take her along to such a thing. She’s not like that with all dogs, and we’re working on it, so maybe there’s hope for her yet.


    1. I honestly wasn’t sure how Marsha would be, but I knew Graham would be a neurotic wreck and I was afraid Hershey’s prey drive would…. Well, let’s not go there shall we?! It’s really amazing what dogs can over come if you work on it with them. Hershey’s fear of brooms took two years to get her to where I can sweep without her fleeing the room in terror.


  2. I’d still pack her up and take her with me in a heartbeat! She handled the conference a lot better than a lot of dogs I’ve seen there and she took most everything in stride, even being left with strangers when you went to get food. Sure, she watched for you to come back (when I ran out of cheese), but she wasn’t in a panic about it.


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