Caturday: Caturdog Pt. 3

I often forget how insanely tiny Marsha is physically.  Personality wise she’s huge, but she packs it all into a 24 lb. package and it takes reminders like this video from the Blog Paws conference to remind me of that.

And then I’ll forget and have to be reminded again.

Perch recently went to the vet after an illness and as is usual I left the cat carrier in the middle of the living room floor once we were home.

Also, as usual, the cats, started hanging out in it.  If it’s taking them somewhere the carrier is, according to the cats Hell On Earth.  If it’s just sitting there it’s a Cozy Place to Hang.

At one point, when there was a vacancy, Marsha decided to see what all the fuss was about.

It was kind of a tight fit for her, but she made herself comfortable and hung out for a long while.

Having gotten it out of her system she hasn’t made any repeat stays.  Just because you’re nearly cat sized doesn’t mean you have to always imitate them.



Caturday: Caturdog Pt. 3

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