So I had an idea for Graham’s Halloween costume.  First, I needed a box with a hole in it…img_7320

Then it needed to be taped up securely and arrangements made for the leash.img_7329

Then I needed something else…img_7322

Not the box exactly.  And not really the contents…img_7323

Not that I was going to let it go to waste…img_7330

What I really wanted was this…img_7324

So I could put it here after I’d covered the box with contact paper.


It’s a decent fit, but Graham doesn’t seem too impressed with it yet…


That’s because I haven’t put the finishing touches on it!img_7341

And there he is, my little box of whine!  Honestly, He still doesn’t seem that impressed by it!

Here’s a better look at the label:


Hershey and Marsha are going to use their store bought costumes from last year:

Marsha went as a spider dog (or maybe a dog spider).

And Hershey went as a Hershey being eaten by an alligator.

“Ha, Ha!  I am being eaten by an alligator!”

Have a happy and fun Halloween!


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