What the Dog Found: A Photoessay of Canine Archeology


My house, a California Bungalow, sits at the edge of The Tower District, one of Fresno’s oldest neighborhoods, and certainly its funkiest.  During The Year Which Shall Not Be Named I quietly celebrated a milestone as my home of 15 years reached its centennial.

During the last 7 of those years I’ve had a resident archeologist on the premises at all times.  I’ve shown you some of her digs before, and now as my house moves into its second century I’d like to share some of her findings.

The scientist at work.  She’s very thorough.  Even her holes have holes.

Glass Shard

A bit of Coke bottle?  Part of a glass?  I’m not sure, but I am surely glad Hershey didn’t cut herself  when unearthing it!

Pottery Fragment

A piece of  earthenware mug?  A fragment of ancient sewer piper?  A chunk of hideous 70’s serving bowl?  All equally plausible!  It has an interesting glazed and pebbled texture to it.

Electrical Insulator

Possibly leftover from the construction of the house, this kind of very old fashioned insulator was one of the few things (along with cloth covering on wires) that kept old houses like mine from bursting into flames long enough to become old houses.

1920’s Era Vaseline Jar


The jewel of the collection.  Unearthed intact, complete with lid, and decayed residue of original product inside!

Whether they mean to or not, our dogs find some interesting things!  What have yours found?

What the Dog Found: A Photoessay of Canine Archeology

4 thoughts on “What the Dog Found: A Photoessay of Canine Archeology

  1. Maggie says:

    That jar is SO COOL! Did you clean/keep it??

    My guys haven’t found anything nearly so auspicious. In DC, Emmett found a condom and a dead rat. In Bloomington, Cooper found a dollar in a sewer drain (making him our highest-grossing animal). In Houma, Lucas dug up a plastic teddy bear. That’s about it… Yours is way better. 🙂 Of course, none of them dig tunnels nearly as industriously as Hershey!!

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