(Left to Right) Perch and the subject today, Morph.

Yes, the name of this blog is S’more Dogs and I am generally finding them easier to write about, but I am the senior staffer to four cats as well.  Since this is my first Saturday post, and I’ve heard something about this whole “Caturday,” thing I thought I’d give it a shot.

Sharing seniority with his litter mate Perch is the subject of today’s post:  Morph, full name Morpheus.  He’s not named for the Matrix Character but for Greek god of dreams from which that character takes his name.*

At first glance Morph is a brown mackerel tabby, a no-frills, ‘base model‘  cat, nothing terribly distinguishing about him.  But then, he gets up and stops hiding that right side…

NOT War of the Worlds cosplay, just Morph’s daily reality.

He didn’t start life as a three-legger (which I started calling him and quickly shortened to “thregger.”) but lost his leg to a slow growing bone cancer in 2011.

He gets along amazingly well as a Tripawd.  He got to the top of my 8ft high cat climber, still full of stitches and looking like one of Dr. Frankenstein’s experiments the first week he was home!  My worries that his litter mates would start picking on him proved to be unfounded, and he’s been the same, overly sweet, often obnoxious self as he ever was!

Anyone have any three-legger stories or advice, I’d love to hear them!


*See, this is what I’ve done to myself.  All my cats have names with layers of meaning that require explanation.  I like to think that the dogs, being fairly obvious creatures, have fairly obvious names.  Mostly black Marsha(mellow) might have an issue with this however….


4 thoughts on “Thregger

  1. I suppose “Newt” comes closest to layers of meaning….

    Anyway, three leggers. No advice. No stories. Just my big lessons loving and losing a three legger: It doesn’t matter! Life goes on as wonderfully as it did before. The moment is what matters, whether you have four or three (or two or one….).

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    1. So here’s how it goes in my family:
      My family had a calico cat named “Wisteria,” so named because she was born at the base of a wisteria plant. Much later when I got a calico cat (ok, she was born in my closet) I named her Ivy, after another climbing plant. My brother brought home another calico around Christmas time a few years back and he named her Mistletoe.
      Ivy’s mom Kali, was named for the Hindu goddess because I was reasonably sure she was an escaped, pure bred Bombay. Keeping the mythological theme going I named another of her kittens Morpheus. When another momma cat started causing me problems I took her in, found homes for her kittens, and named her after the trouble making goddess Eris.
      The last of Kali’s litter is Perch, who’s full name is Percheron after the giant horse. He’s named this because I’d named his father Horse, because he was the size of and ate like one.
      And lastly (not chronologically, just in this apparent essay) is Flick. His full name is Flickinger. I acquired (well, was handed) him on September 11th (2009, I think) and it seemed appropriate to name him after someone who’s life we were honoring that day. I chose a man, sort of at random, named Carl Flickinger.
      So that’s the cats’ names backstory. The dogs’ backstory goes like this:
      Hershey is a chocolatey brown, Graham is a much lighter brown, Marsha(mellow) rounds out the S’mores theme I was going with.

      Geez, that was a long comment!


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