When I first saw Marsha, she looked pretty much like this:

My apologies to anyone with nosephobia.  Please bill me for therapy.

This was because she was on the other side of my fence sticking her little black snoot through the numerous knotholes.  This earned her the highly original moniker “Nose,” which I called her for many months.

As she transitioned from neglected guard dog to a member of my herd she was labeled Marsha(mellow) to complete the S’mores theme begun with Hershey and Graham.  However, her essential nose-ishness never really went away.

Many of my animals have a signature problem solving style.  Hershey’s is chewing, Morph’s is soul piercing yowling, Graham’s is whining.  Marsha’s, as has been true since I’ve known her, is using her nose.

Door to somewhere interesting slightly ajar?  Shove it open with nose!

Covers too flat to get under?  Nose around until she can get her whole body under!

The human of the house playing too much damned Fallout 4?  Bop him with nose until he pays attention to her!

Marsha’s nose is the swiss army knife of her universe.  Anyone have any unique ways their critters solve problems?



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