Caturday: Caturdog

The problem with having a small, observant dog in a houseful of cats is that their behaviors sometimes rub off on him.  For example, the cats are alone most of the day with the run of the house, so it’s hard to keep them from being places I don’t want them.   Which is probably why I came out one morning to find this:

“Camouflage is my best defense….”


“Uh oh.  I’ll try the Ravenous Bugblatter Beast of Traal approach…”
“Ain’t nobody here but us table!”

Anyone with cross-species behavioral quirks to share?  I’d love to hear them!

Caturday: Caturdog

4 thoughts on “Caturday: Caturdog

  1. So, I have another (little) foster dog. He’s smaller than a couple of my cats. But since he’s not officially up for adoption yet, and therefore, I’m not allowed to tout him on social media, if I showed you the picture of him eating his breakfast (and taking his medication) on the kitchen island this morning, I’d have to lie and say I stole the photo from BuzzFeed. ☺ Happy caturdog!
    P.S. I love this pic!


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