Stupid humans and their doing stuff….ZZZZZ.


I’m up earlier than I like, but still well rested, catching up on some household chores (the madness strikes sometimes!)

Several times now Hershey has come out and looked worried. She doesn’t want to go out but she does lead me back to bed!  The last time, I just tucked her in and went about my business.

Anyone else’s fur masters become concerned when there’s a change in routine?


2 thoughts on “Worried

  1. That happened here this morning, too! I couldn’t sleep and figured I should just get to work… Cooper and Newt were befuddled. They paced and whined, thinking I should be feeding them breakfast since I was up. (Emmett didn’t even stir in his bed. Not once. Not until regular wake-up time.)


    1. Well, once the help is up they might as well start working! The cats here were playing “get in your lap,” when I was sitting down drinking coffee. Everyone else was passed out. Only Hershey seemed bothered.


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