Fiction Friday?

I majored in fiction writing in college.  I’ve done squat all with my degree professionally  but I’ve always wanted to try my hand.  The problem with writing for me isn’t the coming up with ideas (those pop up almost TOO frequently) but the actual getting the words down. Well, more reworking the words into something fit to print.

Editing, OK?  I suck at editing.

Once an idea has escaped my brain through my fingertips (that’s a weird image) it should be perfect and immutable and I shouldn’t have to deal with it anymore, right?  Basically I want to be like Mozart in “Amadeus,” able to write things down that have sprung fully formed from my head.  To my dismay, I’m Saliari, making mistakes and corrections, still having to do things the hard way.

But this blogging is more my speed.  I can kind of peck at things, go away, come back and and pick it up.  Plus when I’m ready to publish a post there’s this instant gratification thing that as an American I find hard to resist.

So I was thinking of sharing some of my story ideas, and stories here on this blog on Fridays on a semi-irregular basis.  I have a number of ideas floating around, mostly of a science fiction or fantasy nature.  But since this is a pet blog I’ll stick to sharing the the stores that are animal related.

The first is actually a children’s book idea that was inspired by real life.  As noted before Graham has an affinity for forbidden horizontal surfaces (i.e. tables and counters).  Sometimes those surfaces have food on them.  Sometimes that food goes missing.  This has earned him the moniker “Cheese Thief,” and that nickname has inspired this idea.

A man discovers his cheese is missing and goes on an increasingly absurd quest to find the culprit.  His effort takes him from his house, all the way to a UFO only circle around back home to discover his small brown dog has eaten his cheese.

A recurring line (with variations) is:

“My cheese is gone!  It’s beyond belief!  Who in this house (town, state, country, world, Galaxy)is the vile Cheese Thief?”

Being a dreamer I of course have ideas for two sequels already without having much of the first one written down anywhere!

So that’s me, dipping my toe in the fiction writing waters.  Anyone have any projects they’re working on that have been inspired by their pets?

Fiction Friday?

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