Caturday: The Cattery Pt 2

Read Part One here!

BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! That’s me laughing at the naive and foolishness of my Past Self. He thought he could build, stain, and cover a structure the size of Imelda Marcos’ closet (her handkerchief closet, but still) in 48 hours!

Having chosen the “wing it” method of construction I found myself discovering on the fly things I would need to get the job done, or even started.  To save you the hassle of discovering all this on your own let me give you a run down of the things you will need.

To build a cattery you will need:

Lousy tools like a ten year old hand saw and rusty wire cutters.

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 5.00.40 AM
The dawning realization that you’ll never get it done with lousy tools.
A credit card to buy materials and decent tools.


A compound miter saw
Pricy tin snips which you’ll lose after the job is done.


A cordless drill with a screwdriver bit (I had that already!)

Enough screws to hold together a decent-sized ark.

A tape measure (if you’re left handed like me you will also need to know how make measurements upside down and backwards.)

Various lengths of wood.

More wood for when you mismeasure and miscut the first batch you bought.

Even more wood
Even more wood when you realize how freakin’ enormous the thing you’re building is.

A roll of welded wire fencing, also known as ‘hog wire.’  (No guys, “HOG” with an ‘H’.)

Corrugated aluminum sheeting.

These little pointy u-shaped thingies.

More ambition than common sense.

Optional but recommended:

Now that you have everything you need (HA HA!  No, keep your credit card handy.  Seriously.) you’re ready to begin.  So take a deep breath, start drinking heavily, and be ready for the next installment.

Next Time:  Done in a Month?

(note:  All images are either my own or free use.)

Caturday: The Cattery Pt 2

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