Graham’s Story: The Puppinating

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Hershey was never a puppy.  She sprang fully formed from Zeus’ head after he suffered a nine month migraine….No, wait, that was Athena.  Anyway, Hershey came into my life at six months, so aside from gaining 20 lbs. and a good deal of confidence she didn’t really change that much.  I never had house train her, or teacher her to pull walk on a leash; she was a great, some assembly required starter dog.

Graham on the other hand…

Whoever had dumped him at the park certainly hadn’t bothered to teach him the niceties of living with humans.  Century old hardwood floors?  “Great place to poop!”  Under the table? “Even better!”  Whining all night because he was in a crate while Hershey slept on my bed?  Well, in retrospect that’s totally understandable!

Screen Shot 2016-04-05 at 7.13.49 PM
My aunt told me to put him in a box with clock to help keep him calm.

I have to admit that the first couple of months were a strain, and  more than once I regretted my decision to take him in.  Still he was maniacally cute and all, and became even more so as time worn on.

baby Graham's ears
Those friggin’ ears!!

He also learned how to live with humans.  House training was more of Hershey showing him where to go than me showing him where not to.  Once he understood we were going places and seeing things he took to walking on a leash with joy.  And eventually, he got used to sleeping in the crate on my bed.

Do I wish he didn’t bark at every damn thing?  You bet!  Do I hate the fact that he wants to go for some people’s ankles when we’re walking?  Naturally!  Do I still find him the most annoying of my dogs? Absolutely!

Do I wish I’d never noticed that scared and lonely puppy in the park that day?  Not on your life!


Graham’s Story: The Puppinating

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