Caturday: Snuggle Bruggers


img_6106This was the only shot I could get before Morph ruined it by being too curious.

When you have adults cats who’ve lived together their entire lives you get scenes like the one above.  It’s a fairly regular occurrence around here to find the two snuggled brothers (aka snuggle bruggers) piled together in some ‘comfy’ spot like they have since they were kittens in my laundry basket.

That’s weeks old Perch (circa 2000) snuggling with sister Ivy, with Morph coming into the crash the party!

For the ultimate in snuggles though is this picture taken in 2011 of the whole family!

Family snuggles
Mama Kali, Morph, Perch and Ivy.
Caturday: Snuggle Bruggers

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