“A memory”

Facebook is annoying.  Facebook is intrusive.  Facebook will destroy us all.  But in between pushing unwanted knowledge at us (No, I don’t need to know what a friend of a friend ‘liked’ on a complete stranger’s page) and getting all up in our business (For the last time Zuckerberg, you can’t have my DAMNED phone number!) it occasionally lays gems at our feet and quietly backs away.

A case in point:

Hershey and Rex

It reminded me of this picture.  This is from 2010, and I’d had Hershey less than a month at that point.  It was one of the first trips to the dog park with her buddy Rex.

I look at that picture and it is, but also isn’t, the dog I know now.  The markings were the same, but she wasn’t done growing.  There’s more white on her muzzle now, even if I kid myself into thinking there isn’t.  There’s a lifetime of experiences that young beast was yet to have, and I was yet to remember.

So thank you Facebook, thank you for reminding me where we were, and how far we’ve come.  Now, shouldn’t you be inviting me to play some mindless time suck of a game or something?

“A memory”

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