Caturday: Caturdog Part Two

When I wrote the first post about Graham’s cat-like behavior I blithely asserted in the comments that he shows no interest in that perennial favorite of cats, boxes.  Well, like the small, rebellious creature that he is, Graham has decided to prove me wrong.

Perhaps he’s decided to provide some blog fodder as I’ve been kind of low on inspiration these last few weeks.  I’ve got a few posts in the draft stage but they don’t seem to be going anywhere.  Then, along comes Graham with a silly new behavior to get me going again.

Anyone have any silly behaviors they’d like to share (pet’s behaviors I mean) to let me know I’m not the only one living with a semi-deranged animal?

Caturday: Caturdog Part Two

4 thoughts on “Caturday: Caturdog Part Two

    1. Graham has lived with four of them and is cat sized so there are a range of behaviors he can engage in and not wreck the place. If Hershey tried sleeping in the laundry hamper or on the table there’d be trouble!!


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