8 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Joy on the Beach

    1. Thanks! What I’ve found is I get one shot like this for every 4 or 5 blurry or poorly framed ones. For as much as I love my DSLR I basically use it as a big point and shoot with a few pricy lenses. This was taken on ‘Sport’ mode with a telephoto lens.


    1. Yes! Hershey is an old hand (paw?) at having fun on the beach. Graham was the most relaxed there I’d ever seen him! Marsha was unsure at first but quickly enjoyed herself.


  1. Such unrestrained joy! I get that same feeling on the beach, but my dog Soldier is afraid of the water touching his feet. He stays well away from the tide coming in. He doesn’t know what he’s missing. Maybe he needs to go with a few dog friends to show him the ropes?


    1. I think there’s hope for Soldier. At first Graham would avoid the waves, running away from them like a shorebird. Just this last trip I noticed he’s a lot more comfortable, and as you can see, splashing through the water with the others!


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